Friday, July 23, 2010

Chilled Lemon Possets--Three-Ingredients Refreshing Dessert

Summer encourages social events. Kids are out of school. They do not need to be in bed early. There is no need to rush in the morning. There are no after school activities. There is no after work traffic surge. It is a good time, although the weather is exceptionally hot this summer, for a no hassle deck barbecue. Perfect time for casual meetings with friends. Fresh vegetables are at their perfect peak arvest taste which comes out best in simple dishes. All you need is grilled meat, cold salad, a glass of beer or chilled Prosecco and a simple dessert. It is all about spending time with friends at a leisurely conversation.

In that relaxed mood I think about one of the simplest and surprising desserts from my recipe book. It is of English origin. Unfortunately, I have it in a hand-written copy and cannot give an exact source.

It is easy and perfect for such a laid back event. It requires three basic ingredients, which blend nicely into a surprisingly delicious dessert. It can, or rather should, be made a day ahead.

Judge for yourself.

Chilled Lemon Possets

2 lemons,
3 cups extra heavy cream,
11/4 cup sugar.

1. Stir together cream and sugar and bring it to a boil.
2. Boil for 3 minutes carefully as it may spill; stir continuously.
3. Take off the burner and pour in all the lemon juice.
4. Stir again.
4. Cool down the mixture.
5. Stir one more time and finally divide between 6 to 8 small ramekins; this desert is very sweet and tart at the same time so even a small amount can be satisfying.
6. Chill in a refrigerator for a minimum 4 hours, preferably over night.
7. Before serving decorate with grated lemon peel and biscuits.

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