Sunday, September 21, 2014

Avocado Tartar with Wasabi Sauce

Avocados are among the best vegetables in the US. This opinion is shared by local lovers of great food and many visiting foreigners.

My favorite way of serving avocado, with the addition of fresh tomatoes, comes from the Latin American culinary tradition. Unfortunately, my son does not like fresh tomatoes and wherever possible I need to find a creative way of omitting them, even in the dishes where they are almost essential. And today's post is a byproduct of these efforts.

Some time ago, at our friend's house, he ate avocado served just with cucumber and soy sauce. Ever since this is how he asks his avocado to be made. So today's post is the dish I came up with to suit his taste. It is entirely vegan and has some Japanese influence. It could be a great accompaniment to a slice of smoked salmon, grilled tuna, or eaten alone. I serve it often as lunch dish for him but served with salmon it can make a nice dinner party starter. For fish it can be a bit more sour, or spicy if you like it to have a stronger wasabi taste.

The only difficulty with this dish is the same that is always a bit of a problem with avocados—to catch them at the right moment so they are not too hard, or too mushy, or already turning black. Then you chop them, pour the dressing over, and a simple healthy dish is ready.

Avocado Tartar with Wasabi Sauce

2 large avocados,
1 Persian cucumber, or 1/3 of an English cucumber peeled and cut into small cubes,
2 tbsp chopped chives,
1 tbsp black sesame seeds or toasted sesame seeds,
juice from 1/2 lime,
1/2 tsp wasabi sauce,
2 tsp soy sauce,
salt and pepper to taste.

1. Cut the avocado in half. Separate the halves, remove the stone, and peel the avocado off. Cut each half into small cubes.
2. Place cucumber, avocado cubes, and chopped chives in a medium bowl.

3. In a small bowl mix lime juice, salt, pepper, and the wasabi paste until it turns into a smooth dressing.

4. Pour the dressing over the avocado-cucumber salad and mix gently.
5.Sprinkle the top of tartar with soy sauce and sesame seeds, and serve.