Friday, December 30, 2011

Party Snacks--To Welcome New Year

It's party time. Many days off, half days, and plenty time to meet family and friends. An excellent opportunity to relax, enjoy company, and have fun in these not so funny times.

So, without talking too much, I would like to share some ideas for party snacks that are easy to make and are great, especially for cocktail-style parties.

If you are lucky like me to have special tiny party dishes, which I got from Belgium, they are wonderful to serve individual single-bite portions, if not, larger serving plates would do as well.

Recently I have been making these simple snacks very often and because of their variety, they are likely to satisfy everyone.

Party Snacks

1. Use small ready-made phyllo shells and fill them up with pâté. Decorate with spicy red pepper and capers.

2. Cut slices of small Japanese or kirby cucumbers, top with slices of good quality smoked salmon, finish with wasabi mayonnaise, or crème fraîche, and chives or dill.

3. Wrap squares of persimmons in pieces of prosciutto or Serrano ham.

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