Saturday, June 25, 2011

From Paris--the City of...

Pots and Frills has been kind of slow lately, but not because I have run out of recipes or have lost my passion for cooking - absolutely not! First, like every parent, I have been very busy during this end-of-school period. But also, I have not been much around lately, because I spent the entire last week in Paris.

Some time this month, my blog has turned one-year old and there was no better place to celebrate this than in Paris with French food, champagne, and much much more, soldes including.

Paris has been given so many flattering nicknames and I suppose it deserves all of them. To me it was...

...the city of art,

...the city of love,

...the city of fashion,

...the city of chic,

...the city of fun,

...the city of style,

...the city of pretty girls (smoking cigarettes),

...the city of famous cafés,

...the city of beautiful people,

...and, most of all, the city of the best food in the world (to be continued).

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Anonymous said...

I love pictures from Paris (actually I love all of your pictures)! They are Sartorialistlike. Beautiful places, fabulous people.
I love Cafe de Flore. Gorgeous food and atmosphere. Highly recommended for a romantic dinner.