Sunday, May 15, 2011

Berry and Mascarpone Brulée--Not Only For Singles

Berries season has started. Before local berries fill up local stores, right now they are peaking in Mexico. I buy different berries almost everyday and if we cannot eat them all in the most tasty way (i.e., fresh), I experiment with different berry desserts. They are my favorite fruits so the list of desserts I make based on berries is almost endless and is still growing.

A friend asked me recently for simpler recipes for busy "singles" who are not very comfortable in the kitchen but sometimes would like to impress someone. I think this dessert would fall in such a category. Anyone can make it and I suppose anyone would love to eat it. And again it is just two ingredient dish, and the whole preparing takes literally three minutes. It can be done with raspberries or blackberries together, as I did it, but either one alone will work as well.

Since there is not much to talk about, here is the recipe.

Berries an Mascarpone Brulée
(Serves six)

One 8 oz box mascarpone cheese,
two 6 oz boxes raspberries,
two 6 oz boxes blackberries,
6 teaspoons brown sugar(a regular white sugar would work too, but I prefer brown sugar's "nutty" flavor),

1. Preheat a broiler or a grill until it is very hot.
2. Divide fruits between 6 separate shallow ramekins or place them on one large oven proof dish.
3. Top each portion with a tablespoon of mascarpone (or scatter it over the big dish) and sprinkle brown sugar on top.

4. Place under the hot grill and broil until the cheese melts, sugar burns slightly, and fruits release juice--it will take about 3 minutes, but be careful as it may easily burn.
5. Decorate with fresh mint leaves and serve warm.

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